For professionals

Breathwork as a tool in therapy

This course is for you that already works as a psychologist, therapist or work with other kinds of therapy.

By using simple breathing techniques we can teach our clients, how they can use their breathing consciously to create changes in their bodily and mind. In other words we give our clients a self help tool that empowers them, because the breath is always there with them.

During the course we will work with different types of breathing with different aims. We can use the breath to up regulate or down regulate depending on what type of outcome we are aiming for. You will be introduced to breath awareness and how different breathing patterns can affect our everyday life.

This course is based on an inside out approach to learning. That means that you will get to know your own breathing better. And you will get to experience the power of breathwork.

What this course will give you:

  • An introduction to how you can work with the body/mind connection in therapy.
  • Knowledge about different breathing styles with different aims of the breathing.
  • Concrete techniques that are easy to implement in your existing work.
  • Knowledge about your own breathing pattern and two full breathwork sessions.
  • Knowledge about how you can use your own breathing as a tool to calm the client in the therapy room.

Practical information

The course takes place at ACT & Breathe on Hunderupvej 89, 5230 Odense M. Denmark.

Date: friday the 11th of september 2020 from 10-16.

Price 1900 kr. + 25% taxes. The price includes lunch.

Teacher: psychologist and breathworker Mie My Tastesen.

If you wish to participate then sent and e-mail to:

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact me.