Data policy

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This information is about how your personal data is handled in the clinic, and how I store any sensitive information that I have about you.

1. Confidentiality

Our sessions is of course confidential.

That means that everything you tell me is kept between the two of us. At the same time it is decided by law, that I have to keep a journal about our conversations and the treatment that you get in the clinic.

2. Which information is being stored?

I especially note and store information related to your health. Information that is relevant for me regarding the treatment that I offer you in the clinic.

The information is used so that I can offer you the best possible treatment and conversations, and they are used for administrative purpose regarding your treatment.

I have the duty to keep your confidential and sensitive information in a safe and secured place.

3. How is the information being stored?

Your papers is being kept in a physical locked cabinet in the clinic. I only use paper form journals and there is no electronic copies of your journal.

4. Written communication

I recommend that all written information is sent to the e-mail address:

If you contact me by text message or worse by social media then the communication is not secured enough.

5. Do I ever pass on any information?

Disclosure of any of your sensitive information cannot happen without your consent.

In very rare cases your information can be passed on without your consent. This happens if there is any severe risk that you will harm yourself or others.

If there is severe suspicion that the physical or mental health development of a child is at risk then I am also by law obligated to give that information to the social authorities.

The information I have stored about you regarding payment will be exchanged with my accountant, but only to the extend that is necessary to complete payment and revision.

6. How long is the information stored?

Your journal is stored the amount of time that it has been decided by danish law regarding psychologists. The applicable timeframe is five years.

The information that is used for payment and revision is stored as long as it is neccessary, and will be deleted when they are not needed for payment or revision any longer.

7. Your rights?

You have the right to know which information that I have stored about you. I am not allowed to erase any information in your journal, but if you do not agree with what I have written then I can add a note to the journal.

You have the right to have information that is not part of your patient journal corrected or deleted.

8. Law and complaint

I comply with the law in any area related to the work I do in the clinic.

If you are dissatisfied with how I handle your information I would like to know, so that we can see if it is possible to change whatever your are dissatisfied with.

Any complaints about how I treat your personal information can be given to the data authorities, Borgergade 28, 5. sal., 1300 Copenhagen K.  You can find more information on: