Human Souls – a blog about vulnerbilty and strength

For so many years I felt broken. I felt that there was something fundamentally wrong with who I am. I was sure that I was the only one who experienced this and the only one who was longing for a sense of belonging in the world. An experience of being connected to other people.

No one ever told me that feelings like this is there for a reason, and they are part of being a human. No one told me, that the feelings are there to make sure that we survive. Human beings have a tendency to make sure that they are part of the group all the time, and that is because there was a time, where we could not survive without the group.

During my own journey I met a psychology professor named Kelly Wilson. He said something that really stuck with me. He said

” what if everybody has a secret, and it is the same secret?”

The secret that shows that the insides of us are messy and we get scared and we get afraid, to not be part of the group. We all need to feel loved and a we need a sense of belonging in the world.

This blog is created with deep inspiration from Kellys words. On this site we share our secret. We share our inner struggles that has shaped us as humans.

It is my hope that this blog can show you that anxiety, depression or any other inner struggle in your life is not who you are. It does not define you. It is only a small part of who you are, and you are so much more than any struggle you are experiencing.