About ACT & Breathe

The vision and the thoughts behind ACT & Breathe

Act & Breathe – with acceptance, compassion and a new way of breathing 

ACT & Breathe is a place for you.

A place where there is room for you to be human and to breathe again.

This place is not about achievements and hard work, it is a place where you can allow yourself to live a life with acceptance, and compassion for the human being that you are.


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Mie My Tastesen

I am a psychologist, the owner of ACT & Breathe, I trained in ACT, CFT and Breathwork and I am a mom, a wife, an aunt, a sister and a human being.

I live my life with the intention of noticing the beautiful parts of life even in times of struggle

I am here for you, and if you want me to, I will walk beside you in your struggle. Guiding you and supporting you in every step you take, towards the life you want for yourself.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a third wave Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

We are as human beings born with a mind that is constantly evaluating everything we do, say and think. It is constantly warning us about possible dangers in our surroundings.

Humans are great problem solvers, but unfortunately that ability can create trouble for us when it comes to our state of mind. We think that we are supposed to be able to problem solve our way out of unpleasant emotions, and that is rarely possible.

We take a different approach in ACT. We focus on acceptance towards the parts of life that we cannot control. This includes the fact that every human being on earth is faced with the brutal reality that sometimes we suffer. We experience loses, accidents that change our lives radically and we face fears about or place in the world.

What we can do, is that we can be aware and present in our lives, so that we notice who and what is important for us. If we get a deep sense of our values it will bring us closer in touch with ourselves.

In ACT we do not try to get rid of, or fix any symptoms or thoughts, we make it about moving our attention towards the important and meaningful things, that broaden our lives. Opposite to the things that makes our lives small and limited.


We live our lives in a world full of pressure. We are shown by politics and the media, that the important thing is what we do and not who we are.

No wonder that so many of us struggle with very high demands towards ourselves. The problem is that it creates a pressure from inside and out, and on top of that, we carry along with us, different traumas big or small, that we experienced during our life.

Somewhere in the pressure and the traumas the connection between body and mind gets lost. When it does that it becomes difficult to make choices that supports our general health and balance 

Your breath is affected by life. That means that any imbalance in life creates imbalance in your breathing.
This can create a lack of energy in everyday life and it can even cause states of anxiety and depression.

The aim of the breathwork is to recreate a balance between mind and body. To create a sense of flow in energy and a flow in life.

During a session I will guide you into a circular rythmic breathing, and you will have your breathing supported by music, sound, muscle relaxation by gentle touch and affirmations and movement.